Children grasp language better when it's in the form of a rhyme or song.

Music can boost fine motor skills (using small muscle groups to play a handheld percussion instrument) and gross motor skills (using large muscle groups to dance).

Sharing musical instruments and playing in a 'band' can help toddlers learn social skills.

Rhythm and pitch are part of a child's development. Children would sometimes rather sing than listen and dance instead of standing still.

Music can have an important influence on a child's brain development, particularly up to the age of six.

‘‘I'm buying Bobby (seven months) some maracas after seeing the fun he had shaking them to There Were Five In The Bed!’’

‘‘The Bubbles song was amazing!’’

‘‘I didn't realise how much Holly (nine months) would enjoy the class - we can't wait for next time.’’

‘‘Ben, my two-year-old, has his favourite Little Groovers songs. He especially enjoys swishing the rustling pompoms to the Hokey Cokey.’’

‘‘Ruby loves the squishy speckled frogs and the glittery ‘water’ - the look on her face says it all.’’

‘‘My little girl loves the sessions… and I love them too because I get to chat to other adults at my weekly entertainment break.’’