Give your special little one the groovy party they deserve… and sit back and relax… although you might find yourself wanting to join in the with the fun!

When Little Groovers comes to your party you are guaranteed an hour of fun-filled musical entertainment, while the little guests learn all about socialising, turn-taking and making friends.

Little Groovers arrives with bags full of musical games, dancing music, noisy songs, hilarious puppets and more… plus a gift for the Birthday Boy/Girl and a special rendition of Happy Birthday!

Choose the basic party package (as above - up to 20 children) and then add on various options:

• Personalised party invites

• Personalised thank-you cards

• Wrapped pass-the-parcel game (with Little Groovers prize contained)

• Party bags

Parties are tailored to the ages of the children attending. You provide children, food and drinks… Little Groovers will provide the fun!